Relay for Life, Eastbourne

Here we all are
At Relay for Life,
United and together
Showing we’re strong in strife.

This is a message for you, dear Cancer
Believing we’re compliant,
Suggest you sit up and listen
‘Cause this message is defiant.

Whilst you put us through fear
And uncontrollable tears,
Whilst you made us weak
As we went to sleep,
Whilst you watched all smug
As we were sliced and drugged,
Whilst you put our lives on hold
As we tried to be brave and bold

Let me tell you
Let me tell you now,
We’re a force to be reckoned with
Just look at this crowd.

We are standing together
Declaring we’ll never give in,
We’ll rise from the ashes
Flames fuelled from within.

You will not take our future
Or our happiness or joy,
For our friendships combined
Is something you cannot destroy.

So why don’t you just run along now
For we’re celebrating our highlife,
Full of love and compassion, singing
We’ll be triumphant in life.

~ © 2017 Avril Chester

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